Since 2016 we have been organizing “Demakijaż” – an annual women’s film festival. Year after year, you can see feature films and documentaries from every corner of the world, each of them showcasing talent, strength and determination of women behind and in front of the camera.

Why define femininity if you can just show women? Fat, skinny, sad, cheerful, made-up or not, whether in high heels or in sneakers, whether wearing a hijab or a bikini. Just like the ones you meet every day and like the ones you are yet to meet.

Pokazujemy kino, które włącza
We show cinema that is inclusive. Fot. Magdalena Wojtanek

“Demakijaż” goes beyond the artificial images of women mediated in the press, advertising, TV series, and cinema. Such representation is one-dimensional, incomplete, and far removed from reality. The moment you go to a party, hang out with friends or eat dinner at grandma’s, you immediately see a richer and more diverse picture of femininity. But this is nowhere near all of it! What about women living in different parts of the globe, having dissimilar experiences, worldviews or beliefs? We cannot wait to see such diversity on screen.