The competition is organised within Demakijaż – Women’s Film Festival.

LSTR – 2021 screening schedule EN

Let’s Start the Revolution

A competition awarding the best short film directed by a woman that tackles issues related to femininity. The competition also provides a space for the networking of women film makers, viewers, and film producers.


To check the 2021 jury verdict, go to the results page.

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions, all the competition entries should be submitted via film freeway.com.


The competition was expanded to include international films. Our aim since then has been simple – to start a revolution together with film makers, film viewers, and everyone who cares about women’s films – films that are inclusive.

As a result, 2208 films from 103 countries were submitted that year. In the end, we singled out 50 shorts (representing 26 countries) and made them available online. Thematically diverse, representing different genres, and formally rich. Fiction, docs, and animations. Films that are up-to-date and keep a cinematic finger on the pulse of the contemporary world. 

Streamed online via our festival platform provided by Outfilm, the films were available free of charge without geoblocking, which was appreciated by our international audience. This year’s prize has been awarded to Klaudia Folga, the director of “The Turtle Cave”.


Over 40 films were submitted for the first “Let’s Start The Revolution” competition. Out of these, 14 were chosen by the selection committee to be screened during the festival, and evaluated by the audience. The directors of the short-listed films participated in Q and As in Lublin and discussed their work with the festivalgoers. The main prize was awarded by the audience to Aleksandra Świerk, director of “Camouflage”.